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Server Move.

Sorry about the lack of updates, and for the fact that some of our recent updates are missing. This site has been running on an outdated server for quite some time and it was time to fix that. We have moved this site to a new server that should hopefully make thinks run way quicker than before. Lots of updates to come!

Site Issues

Having some site issues lately and a lot of lag and problems loading new galleries. I’m not sure entirely what is up and I’m right in the middle of traveling across the globe. All the old archived galleries are working but some of the new recent posts are having issues. My apologies I will fix everything shortly.

Happy 2014.

I wasn’t much for the Holidays or New Years partying this year, hence the poll I put up.  Time to grind and make it a good year. Here’s to many sexy boobs in the New Year.

Im back!

Sorry about the lack of hot fresh titties. I got really sick for a while (fuck winter) and than took my Girlfriend on Vacation to Miami. Man are there some fine girls out in Florida! Any-way’s its time to get back and catching up on posting some sexy girls.

Asian Girls

I’ve been going hard on my Asian Girl Posts over on my Asian Blog – Devine Asians.

Devine Asians


New Poll

Well, I’m glad 85% of you have your priorities straight and said that Boobs were more important to you than Sleeping or Eating. The other 15% are out eating a burger or taking a nap right now so screw you! TITS 4 Life. Anyway, I just added 7 hot new recent sets today, and there’s a new non titty related poll up. Thanks for loving this.



So I figure its time to change up the poll. 111 of you have voted, and 26% of you have actually tried a flesh light. That’s quite a bit more than one would think. 7% of you have no fucking clue what it is, while the other 67% have never tried one. I personally have never tried one, but I’ve been tempted to order one up.  Check out their website and order one up, and help me make some commission for the sale so I can buy my own 🙂 LOL

Asian Ladies

Tons of hot Asian updates lately on my blog!

Devine Asians

New Poll

So Ladies, our last poll concluded that 45% of guys find Tattoos a turn off, 35% said it depends on where the tattoo is, and only 20% said they were not turned off by any tattoos. Girl everywhere, next time your contemplating adding that butterfly tattoo on your back so that the world knows how you have the wings to concur anything, Just realize that there’s an 80% chance guys will find it ugly. My scientific calculations also say this poll is 98% accurate to the world population 🙂 PS VOTE in our new POLL on the top right!

Who Loves Asian Women?

I Do! So much that I started a new blog dedicated to strictly hot ass Asian girls. Check out my blog Devine Asians, where I will try to update with as many hot Asian girls as I can. Don’t worry BoobJunkie will still get as much love as always… if not more than before #workaholic..

Devine Asians

New Polll Up!

So It’s pretty easy to see pretty much everyone is a Boob Junkie according to my last poll. Well, except for the one guy who accidentally found this site while searching for CockJunkie?!  Anyways, the last chick with the crazy tattoo gave me a new idea for a Poll, so vote!

Update Coming Soon!

Sorry about the lack of new updates. I’d love nothing more than to post new sets of delicious big tits, but my Internet here at home has been pure shit the past few days. I can’t get more than 5 K/B second on my uploads and it’s making it near impossible to upload new pictures. I might have to look like a creep at Starbucks drooling over big tits if I need too. I promise huge nice titties being added soon!

I Rock!

There are now over 200 Galleries on Boob Junkie already. Just Saying  🙂 🙂 🙂

Voting Feature

Visitors can now vote on galleries. There’s a little 5 star rating system under each girls post so you can rank the gallery. I encourage everyone to give each gallery they browse their honest opinion and vote. It will help me keep track which girls you guys take interest in, and I’d like to be able to setup a ranking so we can all browse by Highest Rated galleries in the future.

Sweet New Header

Got around to getting someone to make a sweet new header for the blog, makes the site look a lot sharper. Look out for more great content and girls added this upcoming week!

Welcome to Boob Junkie

Welcome to, My brand new blog dedicated to my collecting and sharing of my favorite babes with nice racks. Why is this site called BoobJunkie? Well, the English dictionary has the word  ‘Junkie’ described as: ‘a person with an insatiable craving for something‘. So there you go Internet, I am a Boob Junkie and this site will be my fix!

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