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XO Gisele – On the 4th

This is how XO Gisele spent the 4th of July. Titties out and showing her American Pride.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.34.05 PM

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XO Gisele – Poolside BJ

XO Gisele by the pool in her one piece bikini giving some head to her toy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.41.13 AM

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XO Gisele – 2015 Candids

Some of XO Gisele’s 2015 Candids shots.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.21.11 PM

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XO Gisele – Teal Heels

XO Gisele rocking some black sexy sheer lingerie and some heels.

XO Gisele - Black Lingerie

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XO Gisele – Shades

Busty XO Gisele rocking shades and popping dat ass out doing it.Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.18.34 AM

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XO Gisele – Gold Bikini

Sexy XO Gisele in her gold bikini having some fun in the tub.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.54.57 PM

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XO Gisele – Tippy Toes

Tanned XO Gisele in her brown bra and panties while posing on her tippy topes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.24.13 PM

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XO Gisele – Bathroom Lingerie

XO Gisele in one piece lingerie in the bathroom showing big boobies off.

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XO Gisele – Sensual Bath

Sexy XO Gisele in her black lingerie taking a bath while live on webcam.

XO Gisele - Sensual Bath

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XO Gisele – Zebra Bikini

Busty XO Gisele in her Zebra bikini on webcam showing off her oiled bod.

XO Gisele - Zebra Bikini

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Xo Gisele – Pink Frills

XO Gisele getting out of her pink lingerie and showing off her naked goodness.

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XO Gisele – Skin Tight

XO Gisele busting out of her skin tight dress.

Xo Gisele - Skin Tight

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XO GIsele – Lingerie in Boudoir

Busty XO Gisele in her sexy lingerie and stockings showing off her big boobs.

XO Gisele - Boudoir Lingerie

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XO Gisele – St Patty’s Day Babe

XO Gisele in her St Patty’s Day attire showing off that curvy bod of hers.

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XO Gisele – Lips and Tits

XO Gisele on webcam in her shredded black dress showing off those assets.

XO Gisele - Lips and Tits

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XO Gisele – Sheer Pleasure

XO Gisele in some sheer lingerie on webcam showing off her big boobies.

XO Gisele - Sheer Pleasure

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XO Gisele – Victorian Curves

Great set from XO Gisele in her red corset and black thong looking like Royalty.

Xo Gisele - Victorian Curves

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XO Gisele – Gold Glamour

XO Gisele in her thin sheer one piece bodysuit showing off all her curves in the sun.

XO Gisele - Gold Glamour

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XO Gisele – American Babe

Sexy XO Gisele in her American flag colored wear by the pool showing off amazing bod.

XO Gisele - American Babe

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XO Gisele – Bentley

XO Gisele getting out of her sexy purple cocktail dress and doing a shoot with a Bentley.

XO Gisele - Bentley

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XO Gisele – Revealing Dress

XO Gisele in her black shredded and revealing dress doing a set for her site.

XO Gisele - Revealing Dress

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XO Gisele – Green Chair

Busty XO Gisele gets naked in her green chair for St Patty’s Day.

XO Gisele - Green Chair

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XO Gisele – Rebel

XO Gisele in her black lace sheer dress showing off her amazing bod.

XO Gisele - Rebel

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XO Gisele Wet T Shirt

Ms XO Gisele in her white tank top taking a shower and showing off the goods.

XO Gisele - Wet T

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XO Gisele Royal

XO Gisele in her black Corset and leather pants looking real royal.

XO Gisele Royal

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XO Gisele Merry XXXMas

XO Gisele spreads her Christmas Cheer with some hot Nudes.

XO Gisele XXXMas

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XO Gisele Holidays

XO Gisele trying to spread some holiday cheer on her webcam with some ass.

XO Gisele Holiday Ass

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XO Gisele Playful

Busty real life Barbie XO Gisele is being playful on webcam.

XO Gisele Playful

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XO Gisele Tight White

XO Gisele peels off her tight white dress and poses naked for her fans.

XO Gisele Tight White

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XO Gisele Lace Blue

XO Gisele in her lace blue sheer mini lingerie dress getting naked outdoors.

XO Gisele Lace Lingerie

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